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Tonight, I’m going to be doing my thang at @luckydevillounge . Better see all my #Portland peeps! #pinup #luckydevillounge #huzzah #funtimes

Just a few hours away!! Can’t wait to see what the other contestants have in store!! It’s sure to be mind blowingly sexy! See everyone at @luckydevillounge TONIGHT at 10!!

Who saw this young lady on Banshee? ;)

Corwin Prescott // Porcelain

Did I just see you in an episode of Banshee?

You sure did!!!! :D

#unedited shot from my #photoshoot with @son_of_nothing tonight in Seattle :) #trippy #redhead #inthrees

Happy Easter everyone! It’s a beautiful day in Seattle. :) Thanks to @son_of_nothing for snapping a few quick photos of me outside! #easter #colorful #flowers #redhead #genuineporcelain #fancydress


"Nines to Nude"
Raleigh, North Carolina 2013

Corwin Prescott
 - Porcelain - See the entire set on Zivity

Decided to be a copycat and reblog this photo that Corwin took of me. I miss eating cheese and cake with him.

Hey Porcelain! Curious, what's your go-to color for your red lips? I wear red all the time and as a fellow fair-skinned lady it's sometimes hard to find just the right shade.

I try to always look for a blue red instead of an orange red. I have flip flopped between a few shades, but I swear by liner more than lipstick. My obsession is Too Faced Perfect Lips - Perfect Red. It also stays on like a dream.

Watch out, DC!! This Saturday, IT’S ON!! <3 <3 <3

" Sorry I’ve been so very MIA. "


I’ll be posting a whole slew of new stuff starting tomorrow, so be on the look out! Also, if you’re not already, be sure to follow me on instagram. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. :)

Upcoming tour dates:

Baltimore, MD - April 19th

Seattle, WA - April 20th-21st

Portland, OR - April 22nd-23rd

Seattle, WA - April 24th-29th

Last show for @masondixieburlesque TONIGHT at @grampsbar in Miami! #mdbt2014 #burlesque #lastchance (at Gramps)

#latergram from when I was in full #cheetah gear for @masondixieburlesque last night in Orlando. #kittygotclaws #rawr #meow #burlesque #backstage #showgirl

Return of the @dirtymirror . I’m a short haired #kitten tonight at the show in Orlando. #burlesque #backstage #bts #mdbt2014

Rocking some #70s #swag in New Orleans today. It’s an absolutely GORGEOUS day! How lucky are are the girls of @masondixieburlesque and I? So excited about the show at Siberia tonight!