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@itsjillianclark and I made paper dolls! She’s been making them like crazy. So, yesterday when she was making one of me (big booty and all), it inspired me to make one. :) I settled on a whimsical mermaid! #paperdolls #crafts #crafttime

#polaroid from my #photoshoot with @tinatokyo and @son_of_nothing last night. Chicks on a Polaroid, playing with Polaroids! Lol haaaaa #funwithwigs #ohliza #vixens #meowza

Goodbye for now, Seattle! #cityscape #seattle #ferryride #pnw


Everyone should use their desk like this instead of working…

In case anyone is interested, this is where I’m fucking sleeping tonight!! #worldscoolestbed #privateislandproblems #swissfamilyrobinsonswag

Waiting for a boat to take me to a private island for the next 3 days. #nobigdeal #holybajesus


Time for some Sunday morning tunage with Porcelain!

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A girls and her kitty…Meow!

Get the rest of the pics shot by Valerie Chiang (@ninegbagatelles) HERE


Good morning Porcelain…Did photographer Valerie Chiang (@ninebagatelles) make you laugh?


Pretty Porcelain….

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Sunday mornings are just delicious with Procelain in this shoot with photographer ninebagatelles ….

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Jillian Clark // Porcelain

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why so perfect! :) Cheers girl. You are great, just gr8 :)

There’s no such thing as perfect, but I’ll take it! Thank you so much! xo

RTP Photography // Porcelain